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Natural and Sustainable

A lot of people are suffered from acnes, comedos and pimples from time  to time. To clear acnes, many of us may squeeze acnes, pop them with a needle, use blackhead cleansing strips and so on, but the effects of these methods are brief and short. Although the skin looks clean, half of the blackheads are still in our pores.  Without perfectly clearing skin, pores will be blocked by hyper keratinization resulting in excess sebaceous secretion, acnes and comedos. Pores are enlarged by blackheads and pimples losing skin elasticity. Sebaceous secretion clogs pores , and leads to skin inflammation and acnes.


Beauty Quest successfully invents a new Renovating Serum moving the beauty industry with a French formula. It is extracted from numerous plants and special essences . Acnes and comedos can be obviously cleared, if we continuously use it in 10 days. Pores are reduced and its nature is soft. It is also suitable for allergic skin. Sold in most of the beauty retailers, it has gained lots of positive reviews and repurchase.  Apart from healing blackheads and comedos, it also regulates sebaceous secretion, repairs skin inflammation, and treats acnes. Now, a special discount is offered at $108 to try the magical effect of BQ which easily reduces acnes and comedos! 


Natural and Sustainable

Discover the Difference Nature Makes
Never Tested 
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